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Teacher Report Helper

Get perfectly worded reports with 1/4 of the effort. Provide a sample of your writing and we will even match your style.

Senior Leader coaching

Try our innovative AI coaching chat. Receive coaching when you need it, refine your thinking, plan forward, be more effective.

SENCo Chat

Supporting SENCo's with guidance and advice where external support is difficult to obtain. Supports teachers and SENCo's with drafting actions plans, saves you time, and helps you to be more effective in your role.

Recruitment Expert

Use our AI chat to plan your processes quickly and efficiently. Our specially primed AI will deliver high quality questions and ideas for assessment activities. Use our range of pre-made resources to support your recruitment rounds.

AI Safeguarding Expert

Discuss cases (no names), get advice and guidance with zero judgement. Quick answers , when you want them.

Automation Consultation

We consult on ways to streamline your office/school/trust. Save time and allow staff to focus on other tasks, give your 'customers' a better more efficient service.

Gavin Hayman
Gavin Hayman
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I challenged the (leadership) coach with some of my responses… but surprisingly, it is coming back with better ideas. I was being deliberately difficult (but honest) with it. I think this is where the bot might be superior to a human. I have (occasionally) conceded/agreed with a suggestion in coaching when I didn’t really believe it would work (because I didn’t want to upset the coach or appear negative/oppositional). With the bot, I am being more blunt. If I don’t like the suggestion, I tell it so (with information to support it to support me better). It works!
April Smith, SLT
April Smith, SLT
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I thought I would give the auto coach a go out of interest more than anything. I have used coaches in the past and found it difficult to actually make the sessions happen, something always seems to get in the way. With this I was exploring genuine issues and found myself compelled to open up my laptop, make a few notes and adjust my diary for next week to carry out what I had agreed to. It actually coached me to improve my performance. Whilst I imagine I will still have occasional sessions with live coaches this will definitely help me more in my day to day.
School Leader Strategically Planning, writing on a whiteboard.

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